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About TRIM

Welcome to TRIM, your premier source for high-quality OEM aftermarket components designed to elevate the performance of motorcycles, cars, vans, and lorries. With a commitment to precision engineering and innovation, we take pride in delivering top-notch products including pistons, piston kit sets, forged piston kit sets, cylinder kit sets, connecting rods, and brake pads.

Our Products

Our pistons are crafted with precision to ensure optimal engine performance. Whether you are looking for individual pistons or complete piston kit sets, our range covers a diverse array of makes and models.

Elevate your engine’s capabilities with our forged piston kit sets. Built to withstand high-performance demands, these kits are engineered for durability and enhanced power output.

Explore our cylinder kit sets designed to optimize combustion and boost overall engine efficiency. Crafted with precision, our cylinders are a testament to our commitment to quality.

Our connecting rods are engineered for strength and reliability. Whether you are upgrading for performance or replacing worn-out components, our connecting rods are a testament to our commitment to durability.

Safety is paramount, and our brake pads are designed with this in mind. Engineered to deliver consistent stopping power, our brake pads ensure optimal performance in a variety of driving conditions.

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Browse our comprehensive catalogue to discover the perfect components for your vehicle. From enhancing performance to ensuring safety, TRIM is your trusted partner for OEM aftermarket solutions. Elevate your ride with our premium-quality pistons, cylinder kits, connecting rods, and brake pads.

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For inquiries, orders, or custom solutions, contact us at 03-51912022. Thank you for choosing TRIM as your trusted source for high-performance aftermarket components.

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