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Supply Chain Policy

At TRIM we are committed to maintaining a responsible and sustainable supply chain that aligns with our values and ethical standards. This Supply Chain Policy outlines our commitment to these principles:-

01. Legal Compliance

We require our suppliers and business partners to comply with all applicable local, national, and international laws and regulations.

02. Ethical Sourcing

We are dedicated to sourcing materials and products from suppliers who adhere to high ethical standards, including fair labour practices and environmental responsibility.

03. Human Rights and Labor Practices

We expect our suppliers to respect and uphold fundamental human rights and to provide fair and safe working conditions for their employees.

04. Environmental Responsibility

We prioritize environmental sustainability and expect our suppliers to implement practices that minimize their environmental impact, including resource conservation and waste reduction.

05. Diversity and Inclusion

We encourage diversity and inclusion throughout our supply chain, promoting fair treatment and equal opportunities for all individuals involved.

06. Anti-Corruption and Transparency

We prohibit bribery, corruption, and unethical practices within our supply chain. Transparency and honesty are essential in all business dealings

07. Supplier Code of Conduct

We communicate our expectations to suppliers through a clear Supplier Code of Conduct, outlining the ethical, social, and environmental standards we require them to meet.

08. Continuous Improvement

We actively work with our suppliers to identify opportunities for continuous improvement in ethical and sustainable practices. This includes periodic assessments and collaboration for better practices.

09. Risk Management

We assess and manage risks within our supply chain to identify and mitigate potential issues related to compliance, ethics, and sustainability.

10. Collaboration and Communication

Open and effective communication is essential. We strive to collaborate with our suppliers, fostering partnerships that support our shared commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

11. Training and Capacity Building

We provide training and capacity-building initiatives to suppliers to enhance their understanding of and adherence to our ethical and sustainability requirements.

This Supply Chain Policy reflects our dedication to a responsible, ethical, and sustainable supply chain. We expect all suppliers and partners to share our commitment to these principles.